Employee Wellness Unit Functions

  • Promote and assist employee improvement in all areas of wellness (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and financial)
  • Identification of wellness resources
  • Employee follow-up
  • Wellness training
  • Development/management of the Employee Success Program
  • Confidential peer support for personal and professional crises

Employee Wellness Unit Brochure


Welcome to the KCPD Wellness Blog.  This blog is managed by the Employee Wellness  Unit and will be used to communicate and archive important wellness-related information.  We hope that you can use this as a tool to improve in the many aspects of wellness, including physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and financial.  We chose this external blog platform so that this information could be easily accessed with personal devices and be a benefit to the employees, friends, and families of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.  Please contact the Employee Wellness Unit with any questions, comments, or ideas for future postings.

Mission Statement

The Employee Wellness Unit is dedicated to improving the personal and professional wellness of the employees of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.  This will be accomplished through developing innovative programs, training, and coaching to connect employees with the proper resources to fit their needs.