Eating on the Beat: Hidden Dangers

cops eating

Hey guys check this article out, it discusses several options on how to tactfully eat while on patrol!

“When you start feeling the effects of long hours spent on patrol without a solid meal, you face a real job hazard. Poor food choices — combined with stress, erratic sleeping habits, often unpredictable conditions and other factors unique to police work — can take a toll on officers’ health over time, in the form of depression and disease.”

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Financial Mistakes that Cops Make

5 excuses cops make about their financial mistakes

Hey guys check out this article that addresses financial mistakes often made by police officers! Also, this article was written by a financial coach that is a police officer who personally experienced financial hardships.  

  • I’ll just work more overtime.
  • I don’t trust anyone.
  • I’m embarrassed.
  • I can do it myself.
  • I deserve [insert thing you don’t actually deserve here].

Please reach out to the Wellness Section if you would like information on financial budgeting. (816) 459-4329