Yoga for First Responders

Did you know that KCPD offers FREE Yoga for ALL members?

Instructors Mikki and Essie

  • Yoga is held on Wednesdays in the community room at Police HQ from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
  • ALL Department members are welcome: sworn and non-sworn, retirees, close family members/significant others.
  • Absolutely NO prior Yoga experience is needed to enjoy this class. All fitness levels welcome!
  • Men, women, and older children attend this class.
  • Yoga mats provided.
  • Knee pain? Back? Adaptations will be made for injuries. Not flexible?  This group is so relaxed, it’s a non-issue.
  • Class is taught by experienced Yoga facilitators, who graciously volunteer.
  • Free parking (for this 3:30pm class) is available at the Department “Cherry” lot, located on Cherry, between 11th and 12th street, on the east side of the road. The lot is clearly labeled Police Department parking and has a white guard trailer located within the lot.
  • Attending without your Department member/retiree and worried about parking or getting into the building? Please contact Sgt. Michelle Hon at 816-889-6044 or at to make sure all of your concerns are addressed prior to attendance.
  • If you would like to get on the email list for reminders and information, please email Sgt. Michelle Hon.

Brought to you by Yoga for First Responders


DAREBEE Fitness Programs

DAREBEE is a website that provides free access to fitness programs and related information to help with your fitness goals.  DAREBEE provides many entry level programs, as well as more challenging programs.  If you have felt intimidated by some of the other programs, DAREBEE may be worth exploring.

Check out How to Pick a Program to find one that works for you.  They rate their programs by difficulty level to allow you to find the perfect fit for your abilities.

DAREBEE also provides massive amounts of information on 30 day challenges, office workouts, video instruction, nutrition, meal plans, recipes, and a workout of the day.  Most of their material is provided in simple one-page printouts.  They also have a useful YouTube channel to help with proper technique.

Whether you are looking to take the first step towards your goals, or looking for a good protein pancake recipe, DAREBEE may be able to help.  The HIVE is their global community message board to seek advice or more information on the programs.

Start with the Workout of the Day, and make a change for a better YOU!

Other DAREBEE Tools

100 Office Workouts


Running Plans and Workouts

Fitness and Sleep


30 Day Challenge Ideas

As a follow up to our previous post on 30 Day Challenges, we will look at some options when it comes to utilizing this idea to change a habit or develop a new habit to improve your wellness.  These are just ideas, so you can use these for inspiration in developing your own challenge.  It could be something as simple as not drinking carbonated beverages during your work shift.

12 30-Day Challenges That Will Change Your Life

In this article from Inc. Magazine, they discuss several ideas for challenging yourself to grow in a variety of areas.

Physical Wellness Challenges

This website from Darebee provides many ideas for simple 30 day challenges to improve your physical wellness.  There are also several challenges that focus on mindfulness.  This website allows you to print out these challenges.  This is a simple way to get started on developing a fitness habit.  Most of these are entry level movements, and can easily be completed by someone with little to no experience or established fitness level.

Find something that works for you.  A 30 day challenge is the perfect way to make a healthy change for you and your family.  Try to find something to improve your sleep, fitness, or diet.  After 30 days, it could easily develop into a habit.

If you need help, ideas, or resources please contact the Employee Wellness Unit.

Safe Call Now (206)459-3020

Safe Call Now is a resource for public safety employees to speak confidentially with officers, former law enforcement officers, public safety professionals and/or mental healthcare providers who are familiar with your line of work.

Phone Number: (206)459-3020

Safe Call Now Brochure

This is another resource that employees can use if they need to reach out to someone, but they prefer to speak with someone from the public safety field.

If you need help or assistance in locating any other resources, please contact the Employee Wellness Unit at (816)234-5387

2017 Line of Duty Deaths

While we lost too many law enforcement officers in 2017, there was a positive trend with having 10% fewer deaths than in 2016.  The loss of 128 officers in 2017 marks a four year low, and the second lowest number since 1959.

The leading cause of death continues to be traffic-related, with 47 deaths in 2017.  The second leading cause of death was firearms-related, with 44 deaths.

Let’s continue this trend by focusing on the Below 100 Tenets: