12 Ways to Keep the Holidays Stress-Free

This newsletter comes courtesy of our Employee Assistance Program provider, New Directions.

This December newsletter includes tips to survive the holiday season, including:

  • reducing stress
  • being financially responsible
  • making healthy eating choices

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The Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

As we have touched on in several blog postings, sleep is a major concern in law enforcement.  This sentiment has been echoed in many training sessions and conversations that we have had with our employees.  Our schedules can make sleep difficult enough, so take a moment to click the link below and refresh your knowledge on the do’s and don’ts for a bedtime snack.

“Eating and sleeping are basic human needs that go hand in hand in many ways. It’s no surprise that what you eat before going to bed affects the quality of your sleep.

‘The foods we eat before bed can give us the nudge we need to make good sleep great — or they can keep us up all night,’ says Dr. W. Christopher Winter, medical director of the Sentara Martha Jefferson Sleep Medicine Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Here, we explore the best and worst foods to eat before nodding off.”


Preventative Healthcare Guidelines

Are you unsure when and how you should be caring for yourself, or your loved ones, when it comes to preventative healthcare?  View the attached link, which comes from our department healthcare provider Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.

Preventive Guidelines

This guide tells you when you should schedule preventative healthcare visits, from birth to 65+ years of age for both males and females.  Certainly, family history can impact these guidelines, so speak to your healthcare provider about your individual care.

This guide, along with many other resources, can be accessed by logging into your BCBS account at:  https://members.bluekc.com/

If you have questions, or need further assistance, please contact the Employee Wellness Unit at EWU@kcpd.org.

40 Days Until Christmas – How to Survive Financially

Wow…40 days until Christmas.  This time of year can be tough on the wallet.  Dave Ramsey provides some insight into surviving the holiday season with responsible planning and budgeting:


Make your New Years Resolution early, and try not to dig yourself into debt by overspending during the holidays.  Consider getting through the holiday season and planning to get out of debt completely.

Review Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps at the below link:


Image result for Dave Ramsey baby steps

Motivate yourself to set yourself up for a good financial future.  It starts with this holiday season and then work to help your family and retirement by making proper financial changes.  Dave Ramsey’s program is one option, but feel free to find one that works for you.

If you are interested in borrowing a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, or have questions related to your financial future, please contact the Employee Wellness  Unit at (816)234-5387.

Meal Prep and Healthy Eating

There are some staggering statistics out there related to the health of those of us in the law enforcement profession.  Whether working as a dispatcher, patrol officer, detective, or any other position around the department, our health can suffer through lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits.

Eating healthy in this kind of shift work profession is not easy.  It takes great motivation on the part of the individual employee.  If nothing else, understand that we only get one chance at life, so lets not look back and regret the things we didn’t do.

Here are a couple of staggering statistics from a study of police officers:

1. We as police officers live an average of 15 years less than the average American.
2. Nearly 50% of us will die from heart disease within five years of retirement.
3. Statistically, we are 25 times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease (CVD) than from the action of a suspect.



Make an effort to improve the quality of your diet, because nobody else is going to do it for you.  This is probably one of the most important steps you could take to reverse the statistics.  It is very simple, but not easy.  Below are a few resources to help teach you how to prepare meals that are much healthier.




Pinterest and YouTube also offer an abundance of resources on meal prep ideas.